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Resopal Ideal

Esthetics and functionality
The most classical area of application of RESOPAL® is without doubt the kitchen worktop and there is no other material better suited and more frequently used for this.

The RESOPAL® worktop owes its success to the unique combination of ideal properties in use with unlimited esthetic innovation possibilities. It accomplishes the most hardworking everyday kitchen routine in style.

Easy-to-care-for surface.

RESOPAL® worktops are insensitive to the chemicals customary in the household, the surface is resistant to scratching, close-pored and thus absolutely hygienic and suitable for foods, resistant to heat up to 230°C, waterproof and easy to care for, which makes the kitchen look like new for many years.

As wood material they are in addition easy and efficient to process and to install.

Sensual optics and feel.

RESOPAL® worktops have not only established the concept of the modern built-in kitchen, but have remained up to today innovation motor and trendsetter for kitchen esthetics.

The RESOPAL® Worktop.

38 mm chipboard with 0.7 mm RESOPAL® laminate sheets formed over the front edge, lined on the reverse and sealed water repellant. Any further thicknesses on request basis.

Furniture chipboard according to DIN EN 312-3 Emission < 0.1 ppm Bonding D3 according to DIN EN 204 Fulfills all requirements of the Hazardous Substance Code


The worktop is available ex stock 3650 mm long and 600 to 1210 mm wide. Other formats on request.

Logical design concept

The RESOPAL® upstands of identical material with the same decor, the same surface and the same form language for perfect colour harmony. The multipart construction even allows adapting the sealing lip colours to the worktop on one side and the tiled back wall on the other.


Upstands identical in material, decor and surface.

RESOPAL® edges

Original RESOPAL® edging strips for the entire RESOPAL® worktop collection ex stock. Dimensions: 3650 x 43 x 0.8 mm

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